About Me

I am a certified personal trainer at Orcas Island with over 15 years of professional experience

Eva Maria

“It is not enough to know, you have to use it.

It is not enough to want to do it, you have to do it!

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About Me

Sport has always been in my life. After my first education as a hotel manageress, I was drawn to the fitness industry after only a short time. So in 2009 I started my second apprenticeship to become a “Certified Sports and Health Trainer” and already during my training I acquired my first group fitness licenses.

After my education I got the opportunity to work directly in the management of a fitness studio. Over time, I realized that my greatest passion is to give classes and train personally with people. My success was in the success and gratitude of the customers. It gives me great pleasure to put a smile on the faces of my clients through targeted training and professional care.

With many licenses and advanced training I have always expanded my knowledge and my abilities to inspire people.

So it is a great pleasure for me to teach here on Orcas, to give individual training and to do consultations.

Eva Maria

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